About Boonbox™

It is an exclusive rural assisted Commerce platform created by Chennai based Inthree Access. Its primary business is to source and sell almost everything from Consumer Durables to FMCG to the rural customer. It is available both as a web portal and mobile app ‘Boonbox™’. A unique feature of the mobile app is that it can work as well as process orders even in areas without Internet network but one has to be a Boonbox™ associate to place an order.

How does it work?

Boonbox™ caters to B2C segments.

In the B2C space Boonbox™ has appointed associates who are well connected across villages. They are equipped with tablets installed with Boonbox™ mobile apps.

These Boonbox™ Associates show the available products to rural customers, collect the money from them and place order through Boonbox™. These orders are delivered directly to the customer through Boonbox’s hub and spoke logistics network.

How it is different from other assisted Commerce companies?

Boonbox™ is an exclusive assisted Commerce company and it DOES NOT cater to urban consumers and DOES NOT discount prices.

Opportunities in rural

Rural India contributes almost half of India’s GDP and the rural consumer is equally aspiring as his urban counterpart. Within a short span Boonbox™ has sold over 1.5 million products to 15 lakh consumers across one million rural households.

Geographies covered

Currently Boonbox™ caters to B2C segments across 16 states and covers around 3 lakh villages with a population of over 20 million people. It has recently started its operations in West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha and slowly but steadily expanding pan india.

Products sold

Boonbox™ offers a wide variety of product categories and SKUs including consumer durables, appliances, electronics, mobiles, gold, silver, furniture, apparels etc.
Since its inception in 2012, Boonbox™ has partnered with more than 200 manufacturers and sold products worth around 100 crores in Gross merchandise value.

How to sell on Boonbox™?

Boonbox™ sells only the products of its partners. Any manufacturer or wholesaler with a good product portfolio needs to enroll as a partner with Boonbox™. After evaluation Boonbox™ will add their products in its portal and start selling.

Does it cost to sell on Boonbox™?

There is no upfront cost or infrastructure required. Once you become a partner Inthree lists your products in its portal. It then promotes your product through its network of Boonbox™ associates and sales agents and books orders and collects cash. Based on the order it procures products from the partner and delivers it through its own hub and spoke logistics network. You can increase your sales without having your own rural distribution network or worrying about customer acquisition costs, cash collection or last mile delivery.


Boonbox™ has created its own hub and spoke logistics network to deliver products directly at the doorsteps of the rural consumers as many of the villages lack proper transport & connectivity.

Post delivery concerns

In case any technical assistance or warranty support is required, Boonbox™ Associates get in touch with the customers locally at the first level and contact Boonbox’s call centre at the second level. Based on the support required call centre handles itself or coordinates with the manufacturer or wholesaler’s support network.